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Aleksandra Adamowicz, MA

Sworn translator in English

Translator in Spanish


I work as translator and interpreter since 1992. In 1997 I was nominated sworn translator and interpreter in English by the Minstry of Justice of the Republic of Poland.

In my work I follow the rules of professional ethics, reliability and confidentiality.

I specialise in legal, business, financial and medical translations. For many years I have been doing technical translations, including construction, environmental protection and mechanics.

After submission of the document/text  by the client I assess the time necessary to do the job. Price list is available on the subpages: tłumaczenia pisemne (translations) i tłumaczenia ustne (interpreting).

Aleksandra Adamowicz
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ul. Spokojna 30A
41-200 Sosnowiec
NIP: 644-116-59-40

email: iguana1361@yahoo.com
tel.: 604 335 251